If you've come this far and snooped around this site a bit you've probably realized that this is not a "formal" travel site, but a collection of hit or miss travel writing and photography.

First of all, thanks for coming.

Secondly, my apologies in advance for poor spelling, grammar, or abrasive presentation. This site is intentionally under produced in an attempt to get things up quickly and get the word out about new places to see, trips taken, and sites seen. It is unapologetically subject to all of the vagaries of Internet self-publication.

Finally, be aware that this site is not really intended to "sell" anything, but rather to document some of the travel experiences and interactions that I've had. If there are links to anyplace that tries to sell you stuff, I either am not aware of it, or receive such a pittance for it that it barely covers my hosting fees.

This site is merely my attempt to salve the wounds of an injured people. It occurred to me on one of my earliest trips that much of the ills of the world, and the pain that we inflict on one another might go away if everyone who could simply traveled more and stopped being so damn afraid of the great unknown.


Get out. Meet people. You don't have to have an itinerary or know what you're going to see. Just go.


Wander a bit and get lost.


Learn that we are all the same. We all need the same things, and by and large we all want the same things.


Don't be afraid.

Wandering is Allowed.



Glenn Kaufmann, 2006